Our mission is to assist our clients in regulated industries to reduce costs, increase profitability and improve efficiencies by using e-learning technologies to build skills and knowledge in critical areas of manufacturing, maintenance and regulatory compliance.


Founded in 1998 as CompuPharma Ltd., Skillpad is a company owned and managed by experienced industry professionals. It focuses exclusively on solving issues of concern to senior management in regulated industries – for example, problems you may be experiencing in manufacturing, maintenance or compliance.

Its core expertise is in capturing critical knowledge related to personnel, processes and equipment and transforming this knowledge into engaging and effective custom e-learning/performance improvement programs. Users taking these programs can then apply this knowledge to reduce costs, increase profitability and improve efficiency – for example, less machine downtime due to improved performance by maintenance technicians who become more proficient.

Apart from its custom programs, Skillpad also has an extensive library of “off-the-shelf” e-Learning products covering topics such as GMP, process and equipment understanding, validation and so on. These highly cost-effective products provide employees with essential “foundation”-type knowledge to complement the other components of their training. It also has its own hosted Learning Management System (LMS), called MySkillpad to manage programs and users.

Skillpad has been in the marketplace since 1998 and has worked with a wide range of clients across the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device sectors.

marketing_moduleThis short overview explains the Skillpad philosophy and approach to capturing and disseminating critical knowledge to improve productivity, reduce time to market and share best practices across regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical devices.