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After 10 years as “CompuPharma“, we’re pleased to announce our new company name: “Skillpad“.

CompuPharma’s focus for the first half of its life was on building and leasing of generic e-lessons for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. These e-lessons are called our “Lesson Library” and are composed of two groups: compliance-related and knowledge-related lessons. The first group addresses regulations for the industry’s major sectors: API, Finished Dose, Biotech and Medical Devices. The second group addresses the necessary knowledge to give employees a basic comprehension of the industry’s traditional processes and equipment greatly contributing to their understanding of their own job functions and related tasks outlined in documents like SOPs.

In the second half of our life, and due to a rise in industry requests for CompuPharma’s custom modules, we expanded our skills and added more industry-experienced personnel to meet this demand. Manufacturers wanted their production personnel to acquire knowledge more deeply focused on the processes and equipment in their own particular facility so that their diagnostic and trouble-shooting skills would be enhanced and more beneficial. This deeper process and equipment knowledge would ensure that the personnel possessed greatly enhanced ability to diagnose and solve problems thereby reducing, or eliminating, downtime and resulting in increased productivity. We refer to these e-learning products as tools called “Performance Improvement Modules”. These “Tools” have contributed in recent years to significant increases in productivity at low cost in many major manufacturers throughout the world.

We believe that our new name, “Skillpad”, more appropriately fits our company’s wider role in the industry. The name “CompuPharma” will continue to be used within our company when we refer exclusively to our generic lesson library.

The new Skillpad website features a redesigned interface, colour scheme and layout and provides a user-friendly navigation experience. It aims to offer greater insight into the value that Skillpad can provide to your company and contains a host of new information and features including a portfolio of case studies, module demos and a knowledge repository of articles and whitepapers that we’ll be updating regularly.

Our new Skillpad e-mail and web addresses are in place but all existing CompuPharma e-mail and web addresses will continue to co-exist with and redirect to Skillpad.


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