Biopharmaceutical manufacturing is a complex and expensive business, where the personnel involved face a variety of regulatory and operational challenges including:

  • Working consistently in compliance with current industry GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations.
  • Dealing with complex biological systems and manufacturing technologies.
  • Maximizing product yields while ensuring an extremely high level of product purity.

These challenges cannot be successfully met without the input of a competent, well-trained workforce.

*All of the modules listed below can be ‘tailored’ to meet specific client requirements in terms of products, equipment or processes.

Biopharmaceuticals – An Overview – BPU-800-04

BPU-800-04-90x68Introduction to biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals. The role of DNA and proteins in the body is explained along with the key techniques of Recombinant DNA Technology and Monoclonal Antibody Technology. The advantages and characteristics of biopharmaceutical products are explored and the main types of products described. Key differences between biopharmaceuticals and ‘traditional’ pharmaceuticals are also highlighted.

Clean In Place – BPU-801-01

BPU-801-01-90x68Explains key concepts of Clean In Place (CIP) technology commonly used in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. It describes CIP processes and procedures and provides examples of best practices that help ensure optimum performance.

Downstream Processing: Ultrafiltration and Diafiltration – BPU-802-01

BPU-802-01-90x68Describes the  downstream manufacturing processes of ultrafiltration and diafiltration with an emphasis on post-harvest  volume reduction and concentration for therapeutic protein products. The components of an UF/DF skid and control of the UF/DF process are also described.

Downstream Processing: Centrifugation – BPU-803-01

BPU-803-01-90x68Describes how centrifugation can be used in the downstream processing stage of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The equipment and processes involved for both primary separation and more advanced separation tasks are described.

Bioreactors In Bioprocessing – BPU-804-01

BPU-804-01-90x68Covers  the function, set-up and control of bioreactors in the biopharmaceutical industry. It also explores the design of bioreactors and their different modes of operation.

Overview of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing – BPU-805-01

BPU-805-01-90x68Explains the principles of biopharmaceutical manufacturing by focusing on the processes typically involved in producing therapeutic proteins. It will allow you to become familiar with critical concepts such as GMP and regulation, upstream and downstream processing, and formulation/fill finish.

Fermentation in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing – BPU-806-01

BPU-806-01-90x68Describes how microorganisms are used in fermentation processes as part of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Areas covered include growth characteristics and conditions, cell banks, media, bioreactors and modes of operation, and the importance of sterility.

Cell Culture in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing – BPU-807-01

BPU-807-01b-90x68Describes mammalian cell culture in the biopharmaceutical industry, how such cultures are controlled and important considerations in maintaining optimal cultures.

Cell Biology and Recombinant DNA Technology – BPU-808-01

BPU-808-01-90x68Describes mammalian cell culture in the biopharmaceutical industry, how such cultures are controlled and important considerations in maintaining optimal cultures.
Provides an overview of the functioning of mammalian cells, the roles DNA and RNA play in the cell in producing proteins, and how these can be manipulated to produce therapeutic proteins and other useful biologics.

Formulation & Packaging in the Biopharmaceutical Industry – BPU-809-01

BPU-809-01-90x68Provides an overview of the principles and practices of formulation and packaging in a modern biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

Protein Purification in Downstream Processing - BPU-810-01


Who Would Benefit?

Skillpad’s e-learning biopharma curriculum is specifically designed for personnel working in biopharmaceutical  manufacturing. The module suite covers all major aspects of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and processing and  provides critical knowledge in key areas such as recombinant DNA technologies, upstream and downstream processing, and formulation and packaging.

The e-learning suite is particularly suitable for personnel working in vaccine manufacturing and therapeutic protein production, including monoclonal antibodies.

Why Choose These Modules?

Accessed via the Internet or your company’s intranet, our Biopharmaceutical modules combine in-depth, industry-critical content with sophisticated multimedia and excellent instructional design to provide a rich and effective learning experience.*

Uptake of the material is enhanced by interactive elements which allow users to explore critical aspects of manufacturing and reflect on the consequences (both positive and negative) of their decisions. The module design also promotes a problem solving approach to work with best practice being emphasized throughout.

How Do The Modules Fit Into a Training Program?

The modules can be easily integrated into an existing training program. Used as foundation material, they will provide the knowledge that makes the transition from trainee to competent team member smoother and more efficient.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), with their own particular industry jargon, will be easier to understand. On-the-Job Training will be more effective as trainees comprehend what they see and hear.  In the longer term, a thorough grasp of the principles of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and the technologies involved will contribute to improved operational efficiencies and a reduction in waste and rework.

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