Background: For all food, pharmaceutical, and biotech production companies, cleanliness is of critical importance. Many of our clients obtain the required levels of cleanliness by using a Clean-in-Place (CIP) system to clean equipment without the need to dismantle it. CIP systems ensure the highest levels of cleanliness with a minimum of production interruption.

Skillpad assisted one of its clients in the infant formula business in their drive to achieve the highest levels of cleanliness and rapid turnaround by ensuring that all relevant plant personnel possessed a clear understanding of the best way to operate the CIP in their own plant.

The Skillpad Approach: As with all of our custom projects, we established a project team comprising our own subject matter experts, instructional designers and skilled multimedia developers. The team worked closely with the most experienced members of the client’s personnel to determine “best practice” for CIP operations for their specific plant. This knowledge was then distilled into a custom e-learning module targeting operators and maintenance technicians. Thanks to its design, the module can be easily updated at very low cost to reflect future improvements and modifications. The module was then hosted on the client’s Learning Management System (LMS) for plant and enterprise-wide dissemination.

The Benefits: Thanks to employees obtaining a consistent level of CIP best practice knowledge from the Skillpad e-learning module, they increased product output for our client. In addition, gains in performance resulted in a very short return on investment (ROI) for the cost of the module. The client’s intellectual property, in the form of captured best practices for CIP operations, is a valuable company asset which will be used as essential training material for all new employees and for refresher training of current employees for the life of the plant.

Benefits for Operators:

  • Faster acquisition of the best way to efficiently perform their CIP Job Function.
  • Consistent performance for CIP operations and increased ability to diagnose problems.
  • Higher levels of engagement and ownership among employees who, due to participation in the knowledge capture process, understood that their knowledge was valued.

Benefits for the Production Department:

  • Shorter time between batches due to increased efficiencies.
  • Improved overall production efficiency and consistency.
  • Foundations of an operational Performance Improvement Program established in plant.

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