Performance Improvement and Critical Task Modules for specialised technologies and company-specific processes

While many generic topics and concepts can be taught using the off-the-shelf material contained in the Skillpad induction and refresher lesson library, highly specialized technologies and company-specific processes and equipment require a more tailored, client-focused approach. Practically every company is unique in terms of its products, processes, work practices and application of technology. To reflect this, we can design, build and deliver custom-made modules which are specific to your company’s needs. We can also brand the training so that it maintains your company’s visual identity and feel.

What our custom modules do for you:

  • Capture best practice within your company;
  • Disseminate this knowledge consistently throughout your organization;
  • Safeguard in-house expertise and knowledge/intellectual capital;
  • Reduce training and operational costs;
  • Optimise manufacturing processes and maintenance procedures;
  • Increase production efficiency, reduce downtime and lower costs;

Designed and built by experienced professionals with backgrounds in regulated industries, instructional design and multimedia development, Skillpad performance improvement modules are the perfect way to transfer critical knowledge and best practices on proprietary, specialist or highly complex topics. Members of our instructional design team are highly experienced in many areas of the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology sectors having worked directly in areas such as manufacturing, quality control, validation, automation, process optimization and regulatory affairs. Working closely with your SMEs, we will build modules that focus firmly on your needs.

Thanks to our extensive industry experience, we speak your language and understand how your business works. You won’t need to spend time explaining the basics to us, just the specifics.

We combine solid technical understanding, sound instructional design principles and first class multimedia development with our attention to detail and flexibility to help you achieve the results you need. Your project will be managed from beginning to end by an experienced project manager who will ensure all work is delivered on time and on budget.


How it works