Environmental Waste Treatment Diagram

Background: The Challenge: During the manufacture of vaccines, plants produce large volumes of virally and chemically active effluent each day. Ensuring that no harmful material is discharged into the environment requires a complex waste treatment process.

In order to consistently achieve optimum waste treatment performance, one of our clients determined that the way to do this was to ensure that their operators possessed a solid technical insight into the effluent treatment process enhancing their troubleshooting capabilities. Maintenance technicians also needed training to help them perform preventive maintenance and keep downtime to a minimum.

The Skillpad Approach:
As with all of our custom projects, we assembled a project Team comprising our own experienced biotech subject matter experts (SME) and skilled multimedia developers. The Team worked closely with experienced local personnel to determine the “best practices” for operation and maintenance of the facility’s environmental waste treatment plant. This knowledge was captured in a custom e-learning module designed to be hosted on our client’s Learning Management System (LMS) for rapid and efficient dissemination throughout the facility.

The Benefits:
The operators and maintenance personnel in the facility became more effective due to the use of Skillpad custom e-learning modules resulting in improved performance and greater regulatory transparency for our client. In addition to an almost immediate return on investment (ROI), the intellectual property contained in the module became a valuable company asset. The module also provided benefits to our client’s operators and maintenance personnel.

Benefits for Operators and Maintenance Personnel:

  • Clear, consistent and easy to follow steps for the different waste treatment processes at the facility.
  • Capacity to diagnose sources of problems due to better understanding of the processes.
  • Consistent plant operation due to clear and easy to follow instructions for preventive maintenance
  • Participation by plant personnel in knowledge capture created higher levels of engagement and ownership because they felt that their contribution was valued and used by management.

Benefits for the Production Department:

  • Increased Uptime of the equipment.
  • The modules become employee induction training material for the life of the facility.
  • Modules can be updated easily in the future to reflect process modifications and better practices.
  • he modules, along with others from other sections within the facility, will be the foundation of a continuous Performance Improvement Program.


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