Capturing critical knowledge to improve manufacturing performance.

We specialise in capturing process and equipment knowledge in pharmaceutical/biotech manufacturing plants and incorporating this knowledge into engaging custom e-learning modules which may be used in a number of ways to make the plants run better. The uses are many: provide operators with an understanding of the whole process in their plant that allows them to better diagnose problems in their section; ensure that operators and maintenance personnel perform critical tasks on equipment in a consistent and “best practice” manner; make the gains from the use of these modules permanent by regularly updating the modules thereby building an operating Performance Improvement Program; boost morale by incorporating employees’ experience into the content of the modules and have all new employees learn their jobs so that all avoid making the same mistakes “over and over”.

Over the years Skillpad has built a team of diverse and dedicated professionals drawn from several disciplines including manufacturing, engineering, 3D modelling and multimedia development, instructional design and technical communication.

Skillpad works seamlessly across multiple industry sectors including finished dose, active pharmaceutical ingredients, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and nutrition products.


What makes Skillpad different?

With so many companies offering e-learning solutions, what makes Skillpad stand out?

The Skillpad company:

  • Focuses only on regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals/biotech and food
  • Recruits its personnel from industry – industrially experienced teams
  • Uses established Project Management standards from PMI to deliver modules
  • Has developed applications using e-learning technologies to increase revenues and:
    • Diagnose process problems
    • Perform critical tasks using Critical Task Modules (CTM)
    • Reduce time to market for new plants and lines
    • Install continuous Performance Improvement Programs

Skillpad’s module-building teams comprise:

  • Members with working experience in regulated industries – Easily understand your needs
  • Specialists who understand how knowledge is transferred – Instructional Design competence
  • Experts with creative and technical capabilities – Multimedia competence
  • Members who are all full time employees – In-house Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Project managers experienced in module-building – Project Management