Although our custom modules are highly sophisticated and created using the latest technologies and design principles, we work hard to make the process as clear and effortless as possible for our customers. This minimizes the demands on your time but still ensures a finished product that meets your requirements.

At key points in the process there are review and approval activities to ensure your exact requirements are being met.

1 Consultation

At the start of the project we organise an initial consultation to listen to your needs and explain the options available to you. After this consultation we will prepare a project proposal describing our recommended optimum solution.

2 Knowledge Capture

Once you are happy with the proposal and the overall plan for your solution, our instructional designers and our multimedia developers meet with your SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to gather the necessary information. All of our team have extensive experience in scientific and technical industries so they “speak the same language” as your experts. This means the knowledge capture sessions can focus on the critical information and not on teaching our team the basics.

3 Design and Build

Once the course structure has been finalised and we have gathered all of the necessary information, we can set to work on designing and building the course module content. This includes learning resources, assessments and multimedia materials.

4 Testing

When all of the materials have been created and integrated, your module is rigorously tested to exacting standards by our in-house team. We provide you with online access to the module for you to provide us with feedback and comments.

5 Deployment

When the module is finalized we can help you integrate it into your own IT infrastructure or we can host it on MySkillpad™, Skillpad’s own Learning Management System (LMS).

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