In today’s tough globalized world, give your company a genuine, permanent competitive advantage in Product Development Lifecycle Projects by the early “building-in” of specific activities to Reduce Time to Market and exceed planned production.

Using the Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry as example, typical Steps in the Lifecycle are:

  1. Discovery and research
  2. Development
  3. Regulatory review and approval
  4. Commercialization & Marketing

In this discussion we address 2 major components of Step 4 namely, building the necessary new manufacturing facility and achieving consistent quality production.
After spending years and hundreds of millions of dollars on: Research, Pilots, Clinical Trials, Reviews and Approvals, etc. it’s time to get payback – ROI.
Once construction ends, the facility must be:-

  1. Commissioned – make sure everything works
  2. Started-up – prove the product can be manufactured
  3. Ramped-up to steady, full quality production – produce and deliver reliably

These tasks will take time – can traditionally be 1-2 years duration. Skillpad, with its Tools and Specialists (SMEs), will substantially reduce this duration – a 50% reduction is quite possible. What’s it worth to get to market from end of construction in half the traditional time?

Once the facility is producing quality product at the planned level, the operators can use the same SPI Tools to exceed the planned level and further increase ROI and decrease COGS by capturing and disseminating “best practices” ensuring that this knowledge is transferred to operators resulting in ever-improving performance. Skillpad has already done this for others and can do it for you.

Skillpad has also used the same approach for other projects such as new Process Control Systems (PCS). Other Projects such as Serialization or launch of a Generic could similarly benefit.