When you contact us we will work with you to understand your requirements. We will then help you to select the right combination of compliance and process/equipment knowledge lessons from our e-learning library.

The flexible licensing options and broad range of induction and refresher e-lessons contained in the Skillpad e-learning Library mean you can create a practically unlimited number of specialized courses for regulated industry applications. For example, to create a programme for an API process operator, you might select e-lessons from the Essential GMP, Advanced GMP, Process Understanding, Equipment Understanding, and Health and Safety sections of our library. The complete course might then look like this:

Sample Curriculum for API Process Operator

  • Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Introduction to GMP for APIs
  • API Contamination Prevention
  • GMP – SOPs for APIs
  • Cleaning of Equipment
  • Chemical Reactions – Properties
  • Distillation & Reflux
  • Water Impurities & Treatment
  • Working with Reactors
  • Centrifuges

Skillpad Library lessons are fully SCORM and AICC-compliant and can be integrated into any Learning Management System (LMS).

Skillpad Library lessons can be tailored to include specific information relating to your site. We can also localise the content into any language you require.

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