At Skillpad our extensive industry experience means we can work on projects in a variety of different areas, not just pharmaceuticals. The manufacture of medical devices is just one area where our expertise in designing learning content which is tailored to the needs of our audience and then combining it with effective and sophisticated multimedia resources benefits from the fact that we have first-hand industry experience.

The Skillpad Project Approach: On all of our custom projects, we assemble a project team comprising our instructional designers who have many years’ industrial experience and skilled multimedia developers. The team works closely with the most experienced members of our client’s personnel to identify and document best practice for that manufacturer or particular site. This knowledge is then distilled into a custom e-learning module designed to be hosted on our client’s Learning Management System (LMS) for rapid and efficient dissemination.

The Benefits:
The use of Skillpad custom e-learning modules results in increased production for our clients and an almost immediate return on investment (ROI) with shortened time to market. Additionally, the intellectual property contained in our custom modules becomes a valuable company asset.


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Custom Modules