Delivering Your training, Your way

Whether it’s a suite of library lessons, a custom module or a combination of both, you can deliver your training solution in whatever way you want. Once you have selected the required content, the next step is deciding how many people you wish to train and over what period of time. Then, it’s a matter of deciding whether to host the lessons and modules yourself or on our servers.

Self-host or Hosted LMS solutions

  • e-learning Library lessons and custom modules can be hosted on your own servers. We will provide all of the assistance and support you need to integrate them into your own SCORM or AICC-compliant Learning Management System (LMS).
  • If you prefer, we can host, manage and deliver your content on our servers using our own LMS MySkillpad™.



MySkillpad™ is a Learning Management System (or LMS for short) which is used to distribute, manage, document, track and report on learning content and its usage. When choosing an LMS it is important to ensure that it can meet the following requirements:

  • Centralise and automate administration of courses;
  • Provide self-service and self-guided services;
  • Assemble and deliver learning content rapidly;
  • Provide verifiable records of learner participation and achievement;
  • Support assessments and recording of grades;
  • Provide an integrated tool for managing multiple learning activities;
  • Use a scalable web-based platform;
  • Comply with various standards such as SCORM and AICC;
  • Personalise content and enable knowledge reuse.

Developed by Skillpad, the MySkillpad™ LMS meets all of these requirements and more.

Benefits of MySkillpad™:

  • No administration headaches: We host and maintain the learning content, the delivery program and the secure training database.
  • No need for costly infrastructure or upgrades: Your MySkillpad™ user accounts can be up and running in hours without the hassle of on-site installation. Upgrades to the delivery system are automatically provided free of charge.
  • Compliance: Verifiable proof that training has been provided which can be used for compliance purposes.
  • Course management: User enrolments and grades are managed centrally by our systems.
  • Secure: Secure connections and backups help protect your data.
  • Availability: Reliable access to courses around the clock.

The Next Step…

To begin working with Skillpad to transform your company’s knowledge and expertise into effective performance improvement programmes, simply contact us with a general outline of your requirements. We will then arrange to discuss your requirements, talk you through the various options, and answer any questions you may have.

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