pat_BW.fwPatrick joined Skillpad in 2014, bringing 22 years of instructional and training experience from his flight operations background in the highly-regulated Aerospace and Defence Industry.  A graduate of Canada’s Royal Military College, Patrick worked in all levels of pilot training systems and aircraft manufacturer production flight test operations.

His training experience includes the design, development and certification of Training Programs that specialize in complex multi-element training systems, including:

  • Classroom Instructor Lead Training (ILT)
  • Online Web-Based Training (e-Lessons)
  • Partial Task Trainers (PTT, desktop computer-based single-system task simulations)
  • Virtual Procedure Trainers (VPT, computer-based multi-system trainers)
  • Flight Training Devices, Simulators (using full system operational simulation devices)
  • Aircraft (live training with actual equipment)

In addition, Patrick’s flight testing background included implementation and management of a Functional Test Procedure (FTP) program at a major aircraft manufacturer production facility, which operated as an element of the manufacturer’s Quality Assurance process.

The blend of Operator Training and Functional Testing (QA) backgrounds has generated a broad understanding of the challenges faced by manufacturers when they seek to qualify their personnel to operate complex automated machinery in demanding production environments.