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Are you serialization ready? If you had to implement a serialization solution or work with a serialization program would you have the necessary foundation knowledge? Would you understand all of the critical concepts and terminology? This 6 Lesson Suite will provide you with a broad yet detailed understanding of serialization and its associated activities both inside and outside the production facility.

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6-Lesson Suite for in-depth knowledge, designed for:

  • Serialization Project Team Members
  • Operators working with serialized products (Packaging & Warehouse)
  • Supervisory and support functions including Plant Management, IT, Quality, Production, Maintenance & Engineering
  • Critical serialization concepts such as number generation, storage and transmission, serialization structures, production line activities (aggregation & disaggregation) are presented using an engaging combination of audio, onscreen text, high quality 3D animations, interactive exercises and knowledge checks.

Having taken the Suite you will be armed with the requisite foundation knowledge to go about implementing a serialization program for your facility.

The contents of each Lesson are described in more detail in the individual Lesson description. SER-801, SER-802 and SER-803 should be taken together as a set. SER-804 and SER-805 and SER-806 should be taken when all other Lessons are complete.

Duration: 100 minute Suite (containing 6 Lessons)

Prerequisites: None

Assessment: 8 Multiple Choice Questions per Lesson within the Suite.


Lesson 1

Four Level Serialization Structure – (SER-801)

Lesson 1 Preview

SER-801-01This lesson describes in detail the 4-level serialization corporate structure. It describes why the structure is set up the way it is and explains the relationship between Level 4 – Enterprise Level, Level 3 – Site Level, Level 2 – Line Level and Level 1 – Equipment level.

Each level is described separately. Interactions and knowledge checks allow the learner to integrate the functions of each level into an overall approach to serialization.

The IT functions and activities associated with each level are also described.

As key concepts that impact on all serialization activities are introduced in this lesson it is recommended that this lesson be taken first.

Pre-requisites: A basic knowledge of serialization is assumed.

Lesson 2

Serial Number Generation – (SER-802)

Lesson 2 Preview

SER-802-01Having become familiar with the four level serialization structure described in SER-801, the learner will now move on to learn about how serial numbers are generated, the relationship of serial numbers to other key identifiers such as GTIN and EPCIS, and how serial numbers are classified and sorted.

This is a critical lesson as it provides the link between the description of the four level serialization structure, serial number generation and serial number transmission.

Critical aspects of serial number generation such as generation events, the length of the numbers and integration into barcodes will be explained.

The learner is given the opportunity to interact with realistic and relevant serial number generation scenarios by engaging with knowledge checks throughout the lesson.

Pre-requisites: SER-801

Lesson 3

Serial Number Transmission – (SER-803)

Lesson 3 Preview

SER-803-01When serial numbers have been generated, what happens to them? How do they become assigned to unique products? How are the digital and physical worlds reconciled and what happens to unused serial numbers?

The answers to these questions are in SER-803. This lesson describes how serial numbers are transmitted through the levels (from level 4 to level 1) to be printed and scanned on unique cartons, bundles, cases and pallets.

The function of the device/machine level (equipment level) will be described in detail and the important concept of Global Data Synchronization Networks will be introduced.

The learner has the opportunity to interact with serial number transmission scenarios via knowledge checks interspersed throughout the lesson.

Pre-requisites: SER-801 & SER-802

Lesson 4

Serialization – Aggregation and Error Management – (SER-804)

Lesson 4 Preview

SER-804-01This is the first of a two lesson series that concentrates on the critical production line activities of aggregation, disaggregation and reaggregation.

The parent-child relationship and layers of aggregation are described in detail as well as errors that can occur. How items are serialized on a packaging line – items-bundles-cases-pallets – is explained.

Strategies for error minimization are outlined and the learner will have the opportunity to apply the concepts learned through interactions and knowledge checks.

Pre-requisites: A basic knowledge of serialization is assumed.

Lesson 5

Serialization – Exception Events, Disaggregation, and Reaggregation – (SER-805)


Lesson 5 Preview

This is the second of a two lesson series that concentrates on the critical production line activities of aggregation, disaggregation and reaggregation.

Often, disaggregation is required before the package has left the facility. This can be due to exception events such as accidental damage or normal disaggregation events such as sampling.

Both causes along with the disaggregation procedure (and subsequent reaggregation) are described in this lesson. The lesson introduces the ‘Mode 1-2-3’ approach for disaggregation and examples are provided of cases from pallets, and, bundles and cartons from cases.

The learner has the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge via knowledge checks interspersed throughout the lesson.

Pre-requisites: SER-804 should be taken before SER-805.

Lesson 6

Serialization and the Supply Chain – (SER-806)

Lesson 6 Preview

SER-806-01How much do you know about serialization and traceability outside the production facility? Do you know how the Drug Supply Chain influences your job? Do you know how ownership of product is achieved? The answers to these questions and more are in this lesson.

The lesson describes key activities in the supply chain – key transaction terms are defined, along with the concepts of supply chain dynamics and mapping. The difference between e-pedigree and authentication is also described.

Key terminologies used extensively in the supply chain such as Free On Board, Authentication, and Ownership are explained in detail.

Knowledge checks throughout the lesson assess the learners’ understanding.

Pre-requisites: A foundation-level knowledge of serialization as achieved through lessons SER-801-805 is required.

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