Rotar Maintenance

The consistent correct set-up and operation of complex equipment can mean the difference between millions of dollars of additional revenue and millions of dollars of lost revenue

Background: One of our vaccine-manufacturing clients, aiming to maximise production and reduce waste, determined that consistent correct set-up of the Ultracentrifuge Rotors in downstream processing was critical to the achievement of their goal.

The Skillpad Approach:
As with all of our custom projects, we put together a project team comprising our own experienced pharmaceutical and biotech subject matter experts (SME) and skilled multimedia developers. The team worked closely with the most experienced members of our client’s personnel to determine “best practice” for rotor set-up at this particular facility. This knowledge was captured in a custom e-learning module designed to be hosted on our client’s Learning Management System (LMS) thereby facilitating rapid and efficient dissemination throughout the facility.

The Benefits:
The use of Skillpad custom e-learning modules resulted in reduced waste and increased production for our client and, as this was a new line, shortened time to market. In addition to an almost immediate return on investment (ROI), the intellectual property contained in the module became a valuable company asset. The module also provided benefits to our client’s operators and Production Department:

Benefits for Operators:

  • Clear, consistent and easy to follow steps for ultracentrifuge best rotor setup.
  • Significant reduction in waste.
  • Smooth and efficient operation of the manufacturing line.
  • Participation in the knowledge capture process created higher levels of engagement and ownership among staff who felt that their contribution was valued by management.

Benefits for the Production Department:

  • The custom module is used as training material for employee induction and refresher training for the entire life of the facility.
  • Production gains were based on hard captured data, not simply on enthusiasm, and therefore permanent.
  • Module can be updated easily in the future from new developments or process improvements.
  • The module can be combined with additional custom modules to form the foundation of a continuous Performance Improvement Program.


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