Skillpad attending the Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum

Pharmaceutical_Traceability_Forum2Skillpad will be attending the Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum, Boston MA.

From startup and mid-size pharma to multi-national giants, the forum will address the challenges that are unique to manufacturers, distributors and dispensers according to varying sizes and resources. But it will also be tackling the tough questions that are common to all, such as:

  • How can I best utilize, store and retrieve master data to make data transfer between trading partners fast and efficient?
  • ASN vs. EPCIS…or both at the same time?
  • How can manufacturers, distributors, CPOs, 3PLs and dispensers cooperate in their serialization initiatives to secure the supply chain against counterfeiting?
  • What will aggregation cost my company, and conversely, what’s the cost of not aggregating?
  • How can I make smart vendor choices to standardize the renovation of multiple production lines?
  • What are the lessons learned from serialization pilot programs?
  • If I’m way behind on implementing serialization for the 2017 DSCSA deadline, what do I need to know now that will help me to comply on time?
  • How can we increase visibility in the obscure “last mile” of the supply chain? What role do dispensers have in ensuring patient safety through traceability?

pat_BW.fwLook out for Pat Boyle – President, Skillpad Canada Inc. who will be in attendance. Pat will be happy to discuss Skillpad’s new Suite of Serialization Lessons and how they can help to meet your Serialization training challenges.

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