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The Challenge: One of Skillpad’s Finished Dose manufacturing clients was convinced that waste and downtime could be substantially reduced at one of its large scale tablet production facilities. The client believed that lack of consistency in the operation and monitoring of the tablet compression line hoppers was the source of the problem. The company had recently gone through a growth phase and many new operators had been introduced.

The client’s goal was to achieve operator consistency in the execution of all compression line tasks and, to this end, initiated a Waste Reduction Project. Skillpad was responsible for the essential component of this Project which consisted of gathering experience-based data to determine the best way to run the Line (Best Practices) and the building of an engaging e-learning Module to ensure rapid and effective transfer of this knowledge to all the operators both present and for the life of the line.

The Skillpad Approach: As with all of our custom projects, we established our own sub-project Team comprising our own pharmaceutical subject matter experts (SME) and skilled multimedia developers. Our Team worked closely with the client and documented “Best Practice” through knowledge-transfer sessions with experienced staff and an analysis of the client’s own SOPs. This knowledge was then transformed into an engaging custom module hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS) for rapid and efficient best practice dissemination throughout the facility. The module focused specifically on areas of the Line that were problematic for operators in order to improve their efficiency and compliance with standard operating procedures and to minimize deviations.

The Benefits for Our Client:
The use of the Skillpad custom module improved performance resulting in increased product output, improved production efficiency and significant reduction in waste. Other benefits for our client included:

  • A very short return on investment (ROI) for the module.
  • A valuable company asset – intellectual property contained in the Modules.
  • Foundation of a Performance Improvement Program within the facility.

Benefits for Operators:

  • Improved understanding of the “why” behind the manufacturing SOPs.
  • Knowledge acquisition adequate to permit diagnosing sources of waste.
  • Assured adherence to SOPs in equipment setup and operation.
  • Consistent execution of tasks on the Line and ease of induction of new hires.
  • Operator participation in the knowledge capture process created a feeling of engagement and ownership as they saw their contribution was valued and used by management.


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