Vaccine Manufacturing

The Challenge: One of our clients was introducing a new vaccine manufacturing Line and, as part of their operational excellence program, was examining ways to achieve 2 important goals, a) shorten Time to Market i.e., improve ramp up time to reach full production, and b) Performance Improvement Program i.e., ensure gradual production increases achieved from operating experience over the life of the new Line. The client decided the best way to achieve the above goals was to have the new Line’s staff “hit the ground running”, so to speak, by ensuring that they possessed broad knowledge of the Line’s manufacturing process as well as detailed knowledge of major sub-processes prior to the completion of the Line’s installation.

Project Solution: Skillpad helped this client shorten Time to Market and achieve a Performance Improvement Program by implementing one of its standard Knowledge-transfer Projects using a team, composed of personnel with extensive biotech experience and competence in state-of-the-art multimedia e-learning technology, to build engaging custom modules. The project started with the construction of an Overview module which allowed all involved parties to acquire a broad understanding of the entire new Line prior to its completion. This was used by the client to prioritize the building of major sub-process modules designed for ease of knowledge-transfer to operators so that they acquired more detailed process and equipment knowledge to better perform their jobs. Lastly, short Critical Task Modules (CTM) were also built to ensure consistent operator work methods when carrying out certain particularly critical jobs.

The Skillpad Approach: As with all of our custom projects, we established a project team comprising a Project Manager, our own pharmaceutical and biotech subject matter experts and skilled multimedia developers. The approach used in all our projects comes from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and uses Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) technique. The team worked with client personnel to gather the process and equipment knowledge that operations personnel would need for best production. An essential activity always undertaken by our team is to identify practical operating knowledge from client personnel’s accumulated experience on the same, or similar, processes and equipment, usually from the same facility, and incorporate these “best practices” into the modules thereby making them represent the “real world”. The team then distilled all the knowledge into each custom module suitable for hosting on our client’s Learning Management System (LMS) making it available for rapid and efficient dissemination throughout the facility. The module covered topics such as:

  •  The structure of the target virus
  • Antigens and Sub-Types
  • Virus Mutations and Monitoring
  • Seed Manufacturing, Incubation and Harvesting
  • Clarification by Centrifugation
  • Sterile Filtration
  • Formulation

The Benefits:
Skillpad custom modules ensured consistent operator work throughout the facility at a low cost resulting in increased productivity and a very quick return on investment (ROI). Typical for this type of project, the modules became a valuable company asset containing important Intellectual Property (IP). Some specific permanent benefits for our client’s Production Department were:

  • New employees were brought up-to-speed more quickly
  • Increased uptime of the equipment in each process area – more production
  • Consistency of operator work in each process area
  • Process captured electronically in an easy-to-update and easy-to-disseminate manner
  • Very short Return-on-Investment (ROI) from increased production
  • Module built so future “best practices”, obtained from experience, could be added at low cost
  • Modules became essential Training Material for induction and refresher training for the life of the Line


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