Lesson Code: PEA-1210. This e-Lesson is aimed at operations personnel in API manufacturing and provides an overview of the theory of centrifugation and the operating principles and parameters of Batch Filtering and Inverting Filter Centrifuges.

  • Category: API Manufacturing - Equipment


After taking this e-Lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose of a centrifuge
  • Describe the operating principles of a centrifuge
  • List the basic components of a centrifuge and explain the function of each component
  • Explain the basic steps involved in operating a centrifuge
  • Describe how a Batch Filtering Centrifuge (Vertical Axis) operates
  • Describe how an Inverting Filter Centrifuge (Horizontal Axis) operates
  • List and explain the critical operational parameters that must be controlled in a centrifugation process
  • List and explain the key safety precautions to observe when operating a centrifuge

KEYWORDS: Balanced, Centrifuge, Centrifugal Force, Clean In Place (CIP), Filter, Grounded, Inert, Oxygen Levels, Perforated Basket, Rotational Speed, Scraping Knife, Slurry