Lesson Code: PUA-1201. This e-Lesson is aimed at operations personnel in API manufacturing and explains the main physical and chemical properties used to monitor and control a chemical reaction.

  • Category: API Manufacturing - Processes


After taking this e-Lesson, you will be able to:

  • Name the three most common physical properties of chemical reactions
  • Explain the importance of each physical property in chemical reactions
  • Explain what is meant by pH
  • Describe the effect of pH on a chemical reaction
  • Explain the importance of using the correct atmosphere in a chemical reaction
  • Explain what is meant by a deviation in a chemical reaction
  • Describe how to deal with deviations
  • Explain what is meant by a "run-away reaction"

KEYWORDS: Atmosphere, Bursting Disk, Chemical Properties, Density, Deviation, Flow Rate, Nitrogen Blanket, pH, Physical Properties, Pressure, Run-Away Reaction, Viscosity