Chemical Reactor Design

Lesson Code: PEA-1200. How a chemical reactor works and the most important connections needed to carry out a chemical reaction.

  • Category: API Manufacturing - Equipment


After taking this e-Lesson, you will be able to:

- Describe the purpose of a reactor in API manufacturing

- Name three materials used in reactor construction and list their advantages and disadvantages

- List and describe the common auxiliary equipment and connections found in a typical reactor

- Describe the three different ways of using a nitrogen atmosphere in a reactor

- Describe how reactors are heated and cooled

- Describe three different types of impellers and their different mixing mechanisms

- Explain the purpose of baffles in a reactor

- List three uses of probes in reaction monitoring

This Lesson will introduce you to the following keywords:

Agitators, Heating Fluid, Jacket, Inlet/Outlet Pipes, Nitrogen Blanket, Pressure Gauges, Probes, Reactors, Unit Operations, Vacuum