Lesson Code: PUF-1202. This e-Lesson is aimed at personnel who require an overview of solid dosage forms, their advantages and disadvantages, the ingredients they typically contain, and the steps involved in their manufacture.

  • Category: Finished Dose - Processes


After taking this e-Lesson, you will be able to:

  • List the different types of solid dosage forms
  • List the advantages and disadvantages of solid dosage forms
  • Distinguish between active ingredients and excipients in a solid dosage form
  • List the examples of excipients typically used in the preparation of solid dosage forms
  • Describe the steps involved in manufacturing sachets and capsules
  • Describe the steps involved in manufacturing tablets

KEYWORDS: Blending, Mixing, Capsules, Coating, Compression, Drying, Granulation, Ingredients, Packaging, Sachets, Size Reduction, Tablets