Lesson Code: PEA-1201. Explains the main tasks involved in operating a chemical reactor such as weighing, charging and taking samples.

  • Category: API Manufacturing - Equipment


After completing this e-Lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the term 'charging a reactor'
  • Explain how solvents are charged into a reactor for API manufacturing
  • Describe two methods for measuring the volume of materials in a reactor
  • Explain the purpose of inerting a reactor
  • Describe how solid materials are added to a reactor
  • List and describe three ways of performing a phase separation
  • Describe two common methods for obtaining a sample from a reactor
  • Describe the general safety precautions and PPE required when working with reactors

This Lesson will introduce you to the following keywords:

Charging, Decanting, Dip Can, Holding Tank, Inertion, Interface, Phase, Powder Transfer, Reactors, Reagents, Sampling Loop, Separations, Sight Glass