Lesson Code: ASP-1101 (PREMIUM LESSON). This e-Lesson is for personnel in regulated industries who require an overview of Aseptic Processing, including technologies and techniques for contamination control and prevention, and procedures used to minimize bioburden

  • Category: Aseptic Processing - Cleanroom GMP


After completing this e-Lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain why prevention of product contamination is critical in regulated industries
  • Define the terms ‘aseptic processing’ and aseptic techniques’
  • Define the term ‘bioburden’
  • Distinguish between the terms ‘aseptic’ and ‘sterile’
  • Describe how the manufacturing environment is controlled and monitored in aseptic processing
  • Explain the role of personnel involved in aseptic processing in contributing to a safe end product
  • Apply correct behaviors when operating in an aseptic environment

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