Lesson Code: ASP-1104 (PREMIUM LESSON). This e-Lesson is aimed at personnel in regulated industries who require an overview of the contamination prevention measures, procedures, and practices that are typically implemented in aseptic processing including the use of cleanrooms, cleanroom gowning, cleanroom cleaning procedures, microbial testing, correct cleanroom behavior, and appropriate personal hygiene.

  • Category: Aseptic Processing - Cleanroom GMP


After completing this e-Lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the types of microbes that can contaminate cleanrooms and the sources of these microbes
  • Outline the key elements of contamination control
  • Describe how correct cleanroom behavior and appropriate personal hygiene contribute to contamination prevention in cleanroom environments
  • Explain why gowning requirements change as cleanroom classification becomes progressively stricter
  • Describe typical cleaning procedures for cleanrooms
  • Describe how microbial testing can be performed in cleanrooms