(Back Catalog) Lesson Code: BPU-760. Describes steam sterilization, different autoclave types and the steam sterilization process including critical parameters, sterilization cycle, process monitoring and safety precautions.

  • Category: Sterilization


After taking this e-Lesson, you will be able to:

- Explain what is meant by 'sterile' and 'sterilization'

- Describe what is meant by 'steam sterilization'

- Describe the uses of steam sterilization

- Explain the basic operating principles of gravity displacement and prevacuum autoclaves

- Describe the main components of a prevacuum autoclave

- Describe the conditions needed for steam sterilization

- Explain the different stages of a sterilization cycle

- Describe how steam sterilization cycles are monitored

- Describe the safety precautions associated with steam sterilization