Lesson Code: BPU-1104 (PREMIUM LESSON) Describes the function, design, set-up and control of bioreactors in the biopharmaceutical industry. It examines control parameters such as heat management, pH, oxygen, mass transfer, and agitation, and how the type of cells being produced impacts on bioreactor set up and control. It also introduces the meaning of sterility, and bioreactor cleaning using CIP.

  • Category: Biopharma Processes and Equipment


After taking this e-Lesson you will be able to:

- Explain the purpose of a bioreactor

- Identify the components of a typical bioreactor and describe their functions

- Describe the function of a Process Control System in the operation of a bioreactor

- Differentiate between batch and continuous culture type processes

- Explain sterility and its primary importance

- Explain the importance of mixing, mass transfer and heat management in bioreactors

- Explain the main considerations when designing a bioreactor

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