Lesson Code: BPU-1107 (PREMIUM LESSON) This e-Lesson is aimed at biopharmaceutical personnel who require a foundation knowledge of cell culture as part of upstream processing in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. It describes mammalian cell culture in the biopharmaceutical industry, how such cultures are controlled and important considerations in maintaining optimal cultures.

  • Category: Biopharma Processes and Equipment


After completing this e-Lesson you will be able to:

  • Describe the advantages of using mammalian cells in the manufacture of protein-based therapeutic products
  • Describe the typical composition of growth media used to culture mammalian cells
  • Explain the concept of a cell bank, and how a typical inoculation procedure is performed
  • Distinguish between suspended and adherent cell culture
  • List the process parameters that are typically monitored and controlled in a cell culture process
  • Distinguish between batch and continuous cell culture
  • Explain how microbial contamination can adversely affect a cell culture process
  • Explain the purpose of cell counting, and how it can be performed