Training is vital for the continuing professional development of our customer's personnel and we take it very seriously:

"The measure of success of Skillpad's Compliance Consulting work depends on our customers achieving the required standards of knowledge, skill, and performance during the project, and being able to maintain those standards after the project is complete and the Consultants have left."

Skillpad's Compliance Consultants understand the importance of Training and have provided Compliance Training Solutions and Services on all topics related to Quality and Compliance, both during the project execution phase and as follow-up training for currency and refresher needs.

Whether it is for internal SOPs, newly developed processes and systems, or specific subject matter such as new regulations, Skillpad has the expertise to deliver the required Training.  

Skillpad Compliance Consultants can deliver Training Services on-site, via Webinar, or through e-Lessons.  Contact us to find out more:

You can also check out Skillpad's catalog of off-the-shelf e-Lessons here: