Custom Conversions

How much of your company's courseware is in PowerPoints, PDFs, handouts, SOPs, and other paper or electronic documents? Is it dependent on an instructor to deliver it in a classroom? or a senior employee to give as OJT? In today's world that isn't going to cut it. You need to get your material converted into media formats that can be accessed at the time and place of need.

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All companies have a lot of PowerPoints.  Are you getting the most out of the knowledge that has been built into them?

Skillpad's Instructional Design experts can take your existing training material and turn it into responsive and adaptive media that meets today's knowledge deployment expectations for all devices (phones, tablets, laptops and desktops) and LMS, DMS or EQMS compatibility.

Typical examples include converting collections of Instructor-Led Training (ILT) PowerPoints into Storyline or Captivate e-Lessons that can be accessed anytime or anywhere they are needed.

Skillpad offers a spectrum of Conversion services and solutions including:

  • Direct transfer to Storyline or Captivate with a branded template and minimal Instructional Design review.
  • Moderate Instructional Design review with voiceover from a professional voice actor and re-use of existing graphics, photos, animations.
  • Complete Instructional Design review with professional voiceover and new media (graphics, 2D  and 3D animations)

Combinations of the above are available - we tailor the project to your needs.