Custom Modules

Custom Modules

Take control of your company's internal knowledge

(VIDEO) Skillpad's Custom Modules are highly specialized and expertly designed knowledge capture and transfer systems that ensure your company can capitalize on its hard-earned internal knowledge.

Knowledge Deficits

Understand your Knowledge Deficits

(VIDEO) A big challenge in today's technology-intensive manufacturing environment is ensuring employees have knowledge consistency of critical processes and equipment. Knowledge deficits are a constant threat, and if left unaddressed they will erode performance and negatively affect your bottom line.

Solving the Knowledge Deficits

(VIDEO) The key to solving knowledge deficit problems is getting the right knowledge to the right people at the right time. Sounds simple...don't let it deceive you, this won't happen by accident. Skillpad has been building knowledge capture and transfer tools for over 20 years - and knows how to solve knowledge deficits.

Critical Tasks (Case Study 1)

Critical Task Modules

(VIDEO) Check out this case study of a Skillpad Custom Module capturing a Critical Task. The customer experienced an astonishing 80% reduction of losses when critical equipment setup knowledge was captured and deployed in a Critical Task Module.

Short-Term Benefits

Short-Term Benefits: New Product or Facility - Get to Market Faster

(VIDEO) New facility, new line, new product? Building in a knowledge deployment plan from the beginning will significantly reduce your time to market and time to full production - reaching your capacity and quality goals sooner and generating revenue months ahead of traditional commissioning and start-up schedules.

Long-Term Benefits

Long-Term Benefits

(VIDEO) The same Custom Modules built for commissioning and start-up can be used for the life of the facility - during new hire onboarding and initial training, as well as for refresher training and critical task reference material, depending on the situation. They can also be easily updated and modified as best practices are developed and/or regulatory changes occur. Custom Modules are a foundational component of a plant's strategic knowledge repository, and a major company/enterprise asset.

Knowledge Transfer (Case Study 2)

Process Knowledge Transfer (Case Study)

(VIDEO) A multinational manufacturer was opening new sites based on an existing facility. Skillpad designed and built Custom Process Overview Modules to help the company capture and transfer its experience-based internal knowledge and best practices to the new sites while they were under construction. The result was a faster plant start-up and the company's product was able to reach the market several months ahead of original projections.

Skillpad's Industry Experience

Benefits of Skillpad's Industry Experience

(VIDEO) Having worked in the pharma and biotech industry themselves, Skillpad's experts already understand the processes, equipment and regulatory environment. So the 'contact' phase of building a Custom Module, where you describe your specific needs, requires minimal access and interruption to your busy Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). We work efficiently to achieve your knowledge capture goals without disrupting your critical schedules.

Custom Module Build Process

Custom Module Build Process

(VIDEO) How does Skillpad build a Custom Module? Check out this video for a complete description of the process, including: Consultation, Knowledge Capture, Design & Build, Testing and Deployment.

Cost of a Custom Module

Cost of a Custom Module

(VIDEO) The cost of a Custom Module must be compared to the benefits of eliminating knowledge inconsistencies as barriers to performance improvement. How much does a lost of batch of product cost? or a broken machine? or a delay in reaching critical delivery schedules? Your team has earned its internal company knowledge the hard way...don't lose the knowledge and re-learn it again and again by repeating past mistakes. A Custom Module is a small investment when compared to the types of losses it can eliminate.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Custom Module Return On Investment

(VIDEO) What is the first step? How do you get ROI on a Custom Module investment? One approach is to start small and target a known problem where knowledge consistency is lacking in a critical task. The savings when that task is performed correctly will be immediately measurable. Another approach is to target a single 'process overview' and watch the overall performance improvement in operational effectiveness when your team understands the big picture (i.e. situational awareness).

Why isn't everyone doing this?

(VIDEO) Very often, the problem areas where losses caused by knowledge deficits occur are misunderstood, and those losses are assumed to be a normal part of doing business - or simply deemed to be acceptable. i.e. the costs of bad practices are hidden under a veneer of acceptability. The major stakeholders are sometimes unaware that a problem exists and the potential for productivity gains is not seen. Skillpad's Custom Module process is straight forward and the results speak for themselves. We can help improve performance by fixing knowledge deficits.