Laboratory Safe Work Practices

(HTML-5 rebuild & remaster in progress - available soon) Lesson Code: PSY-741. Explains how to work safely in a laboratory by following SOPs, MSDSs and by using the appropriate safety equipment. Safety considerations with common laboratory equipment are also outlined.

  • Category: Health and Safety - Laboratory


After taking this e-Lesson, you will be able to:

- Name and describe the three documented sources of safety information in the laboratory

- Describe the operation of a fume hood

- Describe the five rules to follow when working at a fume hood

- List examples of hazards in the laboratory

- Describe the correct procedure for safely using a syringe

- Describe the safety precautions to follow when working with and changing gas cylinders

- List the safety precautions to be taken when performing each of the following processes: reflux & distillation, separations, weighing and pipetting

- List the safety precautions to be taken when operating analytical equipment in the laboratory