Custom Modules:

Custom Modules:

Your company’s internal knowledge is one of its most valuable resources:

  • It’s in your people
  • It’s the lifeblood of your processes and systems
  • It’s the foundation of your SOPs and operational documents
  • It can improve manufacturing performance and eliminate waste
  • It cost a lot to acquire and develop…

…and yet most companies don’t have a practical method of harnessing their critical internal knowledge or tapping into its potential for performance improvement.

Even worse, this knowledge is often at risk of being lost – it could walk out the door through employee retirements, transfers, promotions or unexpected departures or absences of your critical Subject Matter Experts…

SKILLPAD has a proven Knowledge Solution to address this.: we can capture, transform, and secure your company knowledge in a Custom Knowledge Module.  Then you can transfer and deploy that knowledge wherever and whenever it is needed.  So what's the first Step?

You need to start by understanding where the knowledge deficits are:

How does Skillpad fix knowledge deficits?

Here's a CASE STUDY EXAMPLE of a critical task knowledge capture:

More applications and benefits of Skillpad custom knowledge tools:

Skillpad knowledge solutions helping get new product or facility to market faster:

Long-Term benefits of Custom Knowledge Modules:

Knowledge Transfer CASE STUDY EXAMPLE:

Topping up Custom Knowledge with 'off-the-shelf' Knowledge Bank Library Lessons:

Skillpad's Knowledge Capture and Transfer industry experience:

Building process for Custom Knowledge Modules:

Why isn't everybody doing this?

How much does it cost?

Getting ROI on your Custom Knowledge Project: