Lesson Code: PPL-1131. (PREMIUM LESSON) Describes the troubleshooting of common HPLC equipment problems. Examples include leaks, column frit blockages, baseline noise and detector malfunctions. The Lesson also describes the approach to troubleshooting these commonly encountered problems, and will be an invaluable resource to anyone working with HPLC on a regular basis.

  • Category: Analytical Laboratory - Practices


After taking this e-Lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain why proper sample preparation is critical in HPLC and why degassing is performed
  • Explain how injector and needle performance can affect a HPLC analysis
  • Explain why HPLC system pumps must be calibrated
  • Describe the problems associated with pressure being too high or too low in HPLC and how these problems can be resolved
  • Explain the purpose of HPLC System Suitability testing
  • Describe the most common problems affecting baseline, peak shape, and detectors, and how they can be resolved
  • List the areas of a HPLC system that can be affected by leaks
  • Describe the best practices for care of a HPLC column