BRANDING is a very powerful symbol of company identity. It is usually aimed 'outward' towards customers, but in certain situations like employee training it is a very important element of internal identity communication as well.

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Harness the power that your BRANDING can bring to your manufacturing operator training programs.

Once you have selected the Skillpad e-Lessons you will use for your operator training, you can have them BRANDED to reflect your company's identity features.

Skillpad has done this for many customers, and it costs less than you think - for a huge return:  Employees seeing branding on their e-Lessons have a higher engagement with the content of the Lesson and report better knowledge transfer and longer retention.

BRANDING can be combined with Tailoring (to match the exact site needs and depict internal examples or scenarios) and Localization to gain 'home field advantage' by training in the official language in use at each site.

Combine all these with Skillpad's PERPETUAL LICENSE, and you have high-performance knowledge delivery on your critical subject matter.  This will reduce COGS by eliminating errors, lost product and damaged equipment.  

To find out how you can get BRANDING on Skillpad e-Lessons, CONTACT us here: