Skillpad can LOCALIZE e-Lessons in any Language, improving employee/trainee engagement and leading to faster knowledge transfer and better retention. This makes a big difference towards reducing errors and eliminating waste stemming from lost product and damaged equipment.

  • Category: Localization


Train in the official language at each of your sites.

Skillpad LOCALIZATION projects include:

  • On-screen text 
  • Lesson transcript (on-screen and PDF transcript)
  • Professional voice actor audio recording 
  • Glossary 
  • Resources (PDFs or Documents) 
  • Lesson menu and navigation 
  • Assessment Quiz 
  • Subject Matter Expert review

Building e-Lessons since 1998, we have done Localization projects in many languages, including: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Flemish, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, and many more.

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