Lesson Code: PGI-1280. This e-Lesson is aimed at manufacturing personnel who require an overview of labeling principles and procedures in pharmaceutical and biologics facilities.

  • Category: Labeling


After taking this e-Lesson, you will be able to:

  • State why labeling is important in a pharmaceutical / biologics manufacturing facility
  • Identify the items that should be labeled in a pharmaceutical / biologics facility
  • Explain the term 'label cage' and its purpose in a pharmaceutical / biologics facility
  • Recognize the information to be contained on a label
  • List and explain the different types of equipment labels
  • Define 'reconciliation' as it relates to labels
  • Provide examples of Good Labeling Practices

KEYWORDS: Batch Number, Equipment Labels, Expiration Date, Good Labeling Practices, Issuance, Label Cages, Labels/Tags, Material ID Number, Mislabeled, Mix-ups, Reconciliation, Samples, Status, Tamper-Resistant