(Back Catalog) Lesson Code: SER-802 (PREMIUM LESSON). How serial numbers are generated, transactions associated with serial numbers, and how serial numbers are classified and sorted.

  • Category: Serialization


Having become familiar with the four level serialization structure described in SER-801, the learner will now move on to learn about how serial numbers are generated, the relationship of serial numbers to other key identifiers such as GTIN and EPCIS, and how serial numbers are classified and sorted.

This is a critical lesson as it provides the link between the description of the four level serialization structure, serial number generation and serial number transmission.

Critical aspects of serial number generation such as generation events, the length of the numbers and integration into barcodes will be explained.

The learner is given the opportunity to interact with realistic and relevant serial number generation scenarios by engaging with knowledge checks throughout the lesson.

Pre-requisites: SER-801

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