(Back Catalog) Lesson Code: SER-804 (PREMIUM LESSON). How aggregation in serialization is performed, along with aggregation-related concepts such as parent-child relationships and error management.

  • Category: Serialization


This is the first of a two lesson series (SER-804 and -805) that concentrates on the critical production line activities of aggregation, disaggregation and reaggregation.

The parent-child relationship and layers of aggregation are described in detail as well as errors that can occur. How items are serialized on a packaging line – items-bundles-cases-pallets – is explained.

Strategies for error minimization are outlined and the learner will have the opportunity to apply the concepts learned through interactions and knowledge checks.

Pre-requisites: A basic knowledge of serialization is assumed.

Check out these screenshots from the e-Lesson:

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