(Back Catalog) Lesson Code: SER-805 (PREMIUM LESSON). Events that require disaggregation along with procedures for performing disaggregation and reaggregation.

  • Category: Serialization


This is the second of a two-lesson series (SER-804 and -805) that concentrates on the critical production line activities of aggregation, disaggregation and reaggregation.

Often, disaggregation is required before the package has left the facility. This can be due to exception events such as accidental damage or normal disaggregation events such as sampling.

Both causes along with the disaggregation procedure (and subsequent reaggregation) are described in this lesson. The lesson introduces the ‘Mode 1-2-3’ approach for disaggregation and examples are provided of cases from pallets, and, bundles and cartons from cases.

The learner has the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge via knowledge checks interspersed throughout the lesson.

Pre-requisites: SER-804 should be taken before SER-805.

Check out these screenshots from the e-Lesson:

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