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    Protein Purification in Downstream Processing

    Describes the use of various chromatographic methods in downstream protein purification including size exclusion, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction and affinity chromatographies. The basics of a chromatography set-up are covered along with critical factors affecting protein separation such as column packing, resolution, column capacity, pressure and the gel matrix.

      Duration: 30 Mins

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    Learning Objectives:

    • Describe a general outline of a protein purification process for both intracellular and extracellular proteins
    • Describe where chromatography fits into downstream processing
    • Explain the role of different chromatographies in protein purification
    • Describe the difference between Size Exclusion Chromatography, Ion-Exchange Chromatography, Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography, and Affinity Chromatography
    • Explain what is meant by preparative chromatography
    • Explain terms such as solubility, charge, molecular size, adsorption properties and binding specificity
    Module Features:

       Voice Over
        Knowledge Checks
       SCORM/AICC compatible
        Full Screen

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